Healing Stones

The heroine of our paranormal romance HEALING MAGIC is a witch, healer and empath. Eva Grace Connelly uses crystals to soothe physical and emotional pain, and she and her coven embrace the natural power of crystals for protection and insight. The witches need all these tools in this action-packed final book of THE WITCHES OF NEW MOURNE trilogy.

These sister witches are carrying on an ancient tradition. Crystals have been used in healing rituals for thousands of years in cultures all over the world. For strength and fortification, gems and crystals have adorned swords, armor and thrones. 

Crystals and gemstones work with our internal rhythms, drawing out the negative energy and letting the positive flow in. They can help steady and sustain you. Holding a stone won’t heal you, but it can help.

The Powell half of our writing team has had a citrine crystal for decades. Citrine enhances the body’s natural healing. She often holds this smooth, polished stone when she prays or meditates or is looking for peace, insight or strength. She also uses geodes in her home décor (pictured), and moonstones are her favorite earrings (also pictured). 

We believe the natural world is infused with magic. It’s not always the flash-bang of magic we see in the movies. It’s in the rhythm of the seasons, the veins in a leaf, the cry of a bird and beautiful crystals mined from the earth. 

We loved incorporating the use of crystals into the WITCHES OF NEW MOURNE trilogy, particularly in HEALING MAGIC. Eva Grace is an amazing heroine who learns her strong, healing power can save her life, freeing her for a new path with a new love.  

Here’s more information about some of the crystals our characters used in THE WITCHES OF NEW MOURNE:

Amethyst – A powerful blood cleanser that strengthens psychic and channeling abilities, at once energizing and calming you. It’s a great tool for meditation. 

Aventurine – Used to release anxiety and fear while encouraging independence. 

Bloodstone – The right choice if you’re feeling confused or anxious and seek courage or prosperity. 

Carnelian – A versatile crystal that can help you through grief, improve creativity, sharpen your memory and even find a new mate. 

Citrine – Aids you in boosting self-esteem, promoting hope and joy, and lowering your self-destructive tendencies.

Dalmatian Jasper – Girls just want to have fun, and this crystal can help you by strengthening long-term relationships and accepting your strengths and weaknesses.

Fluorite – Helps ground your energy and boost your concentration. It can be used when attempting interdimensional communication. 

Green Moss Agate – A deep connection to nature allows this crystal to help increase your self-confidence and optimism. You’ll be open to success and prosperity. 

Hematite – A natural stress reliever, it enhances your personal magnetism and brings you courage. 

Labradorite – Helps you remember and understand your dreams while it promotes wisdom and patience. 

Lepidolite – Another excellent choice for help in dream recall as well as success in business. 

Mookaite Jasper – Helps provide balance and strength in times of trouble by blocking unwanted outside influences and improving your adaptability.  

Moonstone – A calming, protective stone that calms while also raising your sensitivity, and intuition. It’s a stone of protection and love. 

Obsidian – Provides powerful protection against negativity and psychic attacks. It can promote success and help you remain grounded. 

Picture Jasper – Use when seeking balance and harmony and you need mental healing. It can help you reveal your hidden hopes and fears. 

Quartz – A crystal for emotional balance and heightened consciousness, it scatters negative energy. 

Red Snakeskin Jasper – Promotes insight into difficult situations and encourages compassion and fairness.

Rose Quartz – A crystal with multiple uses, it can ease anger, fear, jealousy, and sexual and emotional imbalances. It promotes forgiveness and love. 

Selenite – Used often for help with concentration, clarity and decision-making. 

Snowflake Obsidian – When change or negative emotions threaten your balance, it helps promote serenity and centering. You’ll see situations more clearly. 

Sodalite – Aids in creativity and communication and calming your fears. 

Tiger Eye – Helps you connect with your personal power and will. While promoting clear perception and insight, it helps keep you grounded. 

Tiger Iron – A formidable, proactive stone that helps sharpen the mind and body’s strength while enhancing will power, motivation and creativity.  

Unakite – Frees emotional, spiritual, and mental energies to help you find love and heal from separation or abandonment.

Zebra Jasper – Helps you find tranquility, joy and the energy to realize your dreams. It’s used in meditation to transition to the astral plane.


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