Our Town

When we began research for the Witches of New Mourne trilogy, we wanted characters who were witches with Irish roots. We created a full backstory, revealed in AWAKENING MAGIC, HAUNTING MAGIC and HEALING MAGIC. You can read the first two books now, and HEALING MAGIC will be out soon.

The original Connellys came from the Mourne Mountains in County Down, Ireland, located south of Belfast and north of Dublin. We picked this area because both of us are from Tennessee and appreciate the beauty of living surrounded by mountains. Choosing a real place also gave us a rich history for our characters.

The Connelly witches arrived in America in the 1750s, fleeing the Second Ice Age that decimated their homeland. They made their way from Savannah, Georgia, to the mountains of what is now North Georgia. Towering peaks filled with granite and marble reminded the Connellys of home, and they named their town New Mourne. Their early years were rough, but the coven did what they needed to survive—with deadly consequences for generations to come.

Today, New Mourne, Georgia, is a small town with a big heart, a sanctuary for supernatural beings to live side by side in harmony with humans. Though they abide by all human laws, the Connelly family coven provides protection and peace for this haven.

Let’s take a walk through New Mourne and visit the places our characters frequent.

At the town’s center is the courthouse where all county government business is conducted, including the sheriff’s department. The current sheriff is a shapeshifter who aligns with powerful witch Brenna Connelly Burns against evil forces in AWAKENING MAGIC.

One of the favorite stops in town is Bitta’s Bakery, where wonderful doughnuts, pastries, and cakes are made with a hint of magic by a kitchen witch. At the Clip ‘n Curl, you can get the latest styles from the pages of fashion magazines, or you can visit the two stylists who specialize in the teased and sprayed “helmet” hairstyle the elder Connelly aunts prefer. 

In the heart of Main Street is Mary’s Diner, serving Southern favorites such as biscuits and gravy, chicken-fried steak and cornbread. All the locals, tourists, and residents of nearby towns love Mary’s home cooking. If you come to town for the fall foliage and hiking, you can stay at the Red Oak Tavern and Inn.

Dagan’s Trunk is the local antique store, and don’t be surprised if interesting events occur when you visit. Furniture can be haunted too. Speaking of hauntings, F. Burns Paranormal Investigations is in a storefront nearby. Fiona Connelly Burns is the local medium and witch whose story is told in HAUNTING MAGIC.

At the end of Main Street in a quaint historic home is Siren’s Call, a shop specializing in crystals, herbal remedies, candles, and other magical accouterments. It’s owned by healer and witch Eva Grace Connelly, heroine of the upcoming HEALING MAGIC.

As you head out of town, you’ll find a fork in the road. Go to the left and you’ll end up at Calle’s RV Park, owned by a family of shifters. The right turn will take you to the Connelly family homeplace and other Connelly homes. There’s also Devil’s Creek Road, a stretch of land where nothing has grown or thrived for years.

Heading toward Interstate 75, you’ll find The Enclave, an affluent new development filled with former Atlanta residents who’ve escaped the busy metropolitan sprawl. Most are unaware they live among witches, werewolves, shapeshifters, and faeries. 

One of the mountains overlooking New Mourne is called Old Baldy by Native Americans. Legend has it that a dragon lives there…but that’s another story.

Come explore our magical town and meet its supernatural and human residents in The Witches of New Mourne trilogy. Keep an eye out for announcements about upcoming books


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